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Brand Identity Design Process:

The Journey Begins. . .

Brand Identity is a unique process and journey that begins with defining and designing -

the kind of uniqueness that can only be achieved through a strategic creative vision.

We join with you at each step to arrive at a final design which will delight! We encourage you

to read our brief overview below to help you understand the key steps of your brand identity


Let’s take a look at our process: Where it all begins.



Let’s talk about YOU - what your company does, who your clients are, who your target

audience is, and what your goals and values consist of. The briefing session saves valuable

time and money to assure a successful delivery of your iconic brand.

Research and Brainstorming:

To create a strong design we must know your company. Our comprehensive research helps

take into account important information such as market trends, competitor brands, current

brand, and future landscape.


Hand sketching on paper is the most effective way to shape ideas into a superb end result.

We explore numerous options, and don’t stop until we find the best possible direction.

Design Development:

We bring your design to life! The strongest options are chosen, digital renderings are

produced, typography is selected, and color variations are explored to assure a successful


Presentation and Review:

The design concepts are presented and discussed to be sure the outcome fulfills the goals

stated on your initial debriefing.

Feedback and Revisions:

We make any necessary edits and revisions to fine-tune your brand identity design.

Prepare yourself for an exceptional finished project which will amaze your audience and

leave a lasting impression!

Final Delivery:

Upon client approval, we release the final artwork. We also extend our support and expertise

by designing any additional materials that may be useful.

Do you need a new brand identity design or are you just looking to polish an existing one?

We are here to help! Contact us today for a free, no-obligation chat.