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Brand Identity Design for Blue Harbour IT

Blue Harbour IT is an Australian IT solutions company with a focus on enterprise wireless

LAN and database security services. Located on the Sydney Harbour, the client was looking

for an identity that would relate to the harbour. The design is an abstract representation of the

water waves and at the same time it's made suitable for its industry.


Brand Identity Design for Havalooka Films

Havalooka Films is a film production company located in Singapore whose work includes

tv commercials, films, and live events. The owners chose the name "Havalooka" as a

playful way of saying "Have a look". It's a unique name with a meaning associated to their

craft. Although playful name, the owners wanted their brand identity to have more of a

serious visual and not to be cartoonish looking.

The idea for the design comes from having a director using his hands to frame a shot.

It's simple, effective, and appropriate for Havalooka Films.


Logo Design for Birkby Food Service

Since 1918, Birkby Food Service has been delivering quality food products to their customers

in Calgary and its surrounding areas. Their old logo, an illustration of a horse and carriage,

had become dated, lifeless, and unappealing. The owners recognized the need for a redesign

to make it more iconic and contemporary. The new direction was to focus on the Birkby name

and the food service. By combining the letter "B" with an image of a fork, a new logo has

emerged. Now, the design is fresh, warm, and meaningful to the Birkby family.


Brand Identity Design for Fitzgerald Collection

Fitzgerald Collection is a new clothing line for men and women offering classic, distinctive,

and premium fashion style. The brand identity was developed to make it bold and relevant in

the marketplace to rival other clothing brands in the upscale category.

A customized letter "F" was created for brand recognition. The letter can stand on its own, or

accompany the full name. Fitzgerald design is simple and clean, it embodies quality, strength

and trust to relate with the brand's target audience.